Keep Cask Alive

Author: Communications Team

Date: 29 09 2021 16:00

The latest Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2021 launch also coincides with the Fuller’s Brewery x Craft Beer Channel Keep Cask Alive video series.


Keep Cask Alive 

Fuller's Brewery x Craft Beer Channel Campaign

The Keep Cask Alive series champions the cask category and launches a campaign for UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage status to be applied to British cask ale as they showcase the personalities, breweries and venues that make Cask Ale the British cultural icon that it is today.




Part one - Caring for cask

Watch the first episode of the series, looking at the importance of caring for cask.


Part two - The history of cask


Part three - The future of cask


Part four - The pub 



Part five - The modern classic


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