Covid-19 Secure


Our number one priority is the safety, health and wellbeing of our colleagues and their families, our partners, customers and communities where we operate. We have conducted a series of comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessments across our sites and the practices associated with our operations, with the aim of safeguarding the workplace environment, working closely with colleagues across the business to establish the most effective solutions.

Some of the core measures we’ve introduced include the following:  

  • Enhanced hygiene practices, including installing additional sanitising facilities in all meeting rooms and offices, strengthening of hand washing protocols and increased signage at all hand washing stations. We have also introduced increased the cleaning regimes and deep clean arrangements in key areas
  • Implemented social distancing measures across all sites using signage, posters and other visual aids. To enable colleagues to put distancing into practice we’ve reviewed and introduced new shift rotations, the staggering of work-breaks and an increased number of common areas. Wherever possible, we’ve also put in place one-way systems and erected separation screens. Finally, for interactions with those outside the business we have implemented processes for contactless deliveries and payments      
  • Rolled-out specific delivery instructions and guidance to safeguard our logistics teams, including enhanced cleaning arrangements for vehicles, and reorganisation of working practices to ensure distancing is maintained e.g. via a practice of buddying and bubbling amongst colleagues
  • New training and awareness measures including an updated Employee Health and Safety Induction pack to include COVID-19 related arrangements, and providing business critical information via ELearning platforms
  • All non-essential site visits and contractor work have been suspended. Where needed, dedicated visitor and contractor instructions are in place, for example the reorganisation and additional cleaning/sanitising of meeting rooms, and utilising IT solutions where possible for on-site registration, sign in/out
  • Protective equipment: where appropriate we have made personal protective equipment (PPE) available to our frontline staff, for their optional use should they wish to use it. This includes hand sanitiser, rubber gloves, surgical face coverings and antibacterial wipes for cleaning equipment e.g. laptops, iPad, phones


Asahi International fully complies with Government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.