Meantime Brewing Company

Meantime Brewing Company

Producing great beer takes time - and no one knows this better than our founder, Alistair Hook.

Started in 1999 in a Greenwich flat, Meantime Brewing Co was founded on a pioneering spirit and the belief that time is best spent doing what you love.

Brewed with time, passion and dedication, Alistair’s innovative and high-quality beers led to one of the first major craft breweries that sparked the craft beer movement - and made settling for average beer a thing of the past. Alistair’s core belief and pioneering mission still drives today. And though we may have outgrown Alistair’s flat, you’ll still find us in our Greenwich home, spending every available minute and second producing the most game-changing brews we can.

So crack open a cold one - and let’s all cheers to time well spent!


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