Cornish Orchards takes part in World Without Nature campaign

Author: Communications Team

Date: 01 03 2023 13:47

Today is World Wildlife Day and Cornish Orchards is taking part in the #WorldWithoutNature campaign by sharing their logo without nature.

The #WorldWithoutNature global activation brings together hundreds of brands for a common cause - to highlight the dramatic loss of biodiversity and the risks that it poses. The rich diversity of life on Earth is being lost at an alarming rate.


The population sizes of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles have seen an alarming average drop of 69% since 1970.

Agricultural expansion, deforestation, overfishing, urban development, energy use, mining, and pollution are all driving habitat loss, water shortages, and climate change. The catastrophic impacts on people and the planet loom closer than ever.

As a brand rooted in Cornish wildlife that takes the approach of working with our natural environment, Cornish Orchards are proudly supporting WWF with raising awareness for this all important cause and stopping biodiversity loss. As individuals we can support a more sustainable future by taking the WWF pledge for the planet.


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