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16 December 2015

Pilsner Urquell Central England Brew Off competition

The final was judged by Krishan Rajput, proprietor of Stirchley Wines & Spirits, an award winning retailer with a world class selection of beers and David Shipman, co-founder of Birmingham Beer Bash, The Midlands' premier cask and keg beer event. They were joined by Francois Pienaar from Pilsner Urquell to judge the beers based on look, clarity, aroma, taste and taste versus the beer style intended to be brewed.

Participants first gathered at the end of October 2015 and were placed in teams. They then worked with The London Beer Lab to craft a beer in a style of their choice whilst learning about the brewing process and hop varieties. The teams reunited at The Plough on Thursday 10th December to taste their beers for the first time and name them before presenting to the judges.

Krishan Rajput from Stirchley Wines & Spirits commented: “Congratulations to the winning teams, the beers presented by all of the groups were of an exceptional standard, they should be proud of themselves. Visiting The Plough was a great experience and having the opportunity to try some Pilsner Urquell Tank Beer while it’s here this week was a rare treat.”

David Shipman from Birmingham Beer Bash added: “What stood out for me was the enthusiasm and engagement of all those taking part, an enthusiasm for beer, the ingredients and processes which make it what it is, whether this is Pilsner Urquell, the beers brewed for the competition, or any other beer. When those who serve beer have an understanding and a passion for what is in the glass they are pouring, then this can only be a positive thing, and we saw that passion and understanding shining through with the competitors.”

The winning teams:

“De-Rale” red ale flavoured with orange peel and coriander

James Scott - Rutland and Derby, Leicester

Katie Robinson - The Exchange, Leicester

Lee Langton - Queen of Bradgate, Leicester

Alexander Russell - Rogue Saint, Lincoln


“Mum’s Maple Ale” brown ale flavoured with maple syrup

Mikey Smith – Turpins Bar & Grill, Atherstone

Nancy Auld – Prince of Wales Moseley, Birmingham

Johnny Sartorius - The Plough Harborne, Birmingham


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