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3 February 2015

London Beer lovers tap into Pilsner Urquell Tankovna Beer

Pilsner Urquell, the original Pilsner still brewed the original way, is proving that consumers are looking for authenticity and differentiation in the beers they drink as fresh, unpasteurised Tankovna Beer drives a 28% increase in footfall and trial to leading London pubs and on-premise outlets.

Reinvigorating pub culture in the UK and showcasing true brewing craftsmanship, Pilsner Urquell is seeing new consumers enter the category and use Tankovna venues as a destination for a quality, authentic drinking experience, with 10% of consumers entering a Tankovna venue because of the striking copper tanks.

“Having the tanks inside our pub has not only created a great talking point because they are so visible, but has also helped to deliver great tasting beer. Unpasteurised tank beer offers my customers something really special, a taste of the real Czech! I first saw the copper tanks in Prague. We visited two outlets and were convinced by the look and the taste of the beer, so much so that we have made it our house beer.” Jez Manterfield, General Manager, The White Horse, Parsons Green.

Of benefit to both customer and consumer, Dean Finch, General Manager at Strongroom Bar and Kitchen commented, “Due to the introduction of Pilsner Urquell Tank Beer last year, we saw strong volumes (+44%) being consumed versus kegged beer. The arrival of Pilsner Urquell Tank Beer offered staff a fresh and exciting opportunity to engage with consumers and share its incredible heritage and beer story.”

Tim Clay, Director of Sales at Miller Brands UK & Ireland says, "The British beer drinker is one of the worlds most cosmopolitan which makes this an ideal market in which to introduce international beers served in the authentic way. Pilsner Urquell tank beer marks a real innovation in the consumer experience and enjoyment of beer in this country."

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